Aloravita is a new master planned community transforming Peoria, Arizona. Nestled between two mountain preserves with breathtaking views, the development by Pulte Homes includes extensive outdoor amenities.

Residents can enjoy multiple HOA-maintained parks as well as a large City of Peoria park in the heart of the development. Linking together all parts of this beautiful community are a series of multi-use pathways.

PLB bollards lining a multi-use pathway.

Making Pathways Accessible At Night

When lighting was considered for a particular stretch of pathways, initial estimates were considerably over-budget. Hard soil conditions and steep slopes in certain areas meant that traditional wired bollard lights would cost upwards of $470,000. Installing wired bollards would mean digging trenches, laying conduit, running wires, building junction boxes and waiting to get the power turned on.

Looking for a simpler and more cost-effective solution, Project Manager, Matt Smith P.E. began looking at First Light’s self-contained solar technology.


Using solar bollards meant we only had to hammer the individual locations that could not be conventionally dug for footings. The First Light product is bolted to a relatively shallow concrete foundation, so they are much easier to install.”

Matt Smith, P.E.

Project Manager, Planning & Entitlements, Pulte Homes

Installing First Light’s solar bollards meant minimal disruptions with no wiring, electricians or trenching needed. With each solar bollard typically taking five minutes or less to mount on each footing, the job could be done fast.

All in, the First Light installation was less than one-third the price we would have spent on wired lighting.”

Matt Smith, P.E.

Project Manager, Planning & Entitlements, Pulte Homes

PLB bollards around an Aloravita common space

The final project cost for adding lighting using for First Light’s PLB Series solar bollards totaled $170,000 – a whopping 66% lower than the projected wired lighting cost.

High Quality Lighting

Not only were First Light’s solar bollards easier to install and more cost-effective than wired bollards, they are built to last and require no regular maintenance.

Watch more durability tests of our solar bollards by clicking here.
In addition to a contemporary design and unequaled solar powered performance, the PLB series provides full cut-off lighting that minimizes light trespass and is Dark Sky compliant.

“This community is very sensitive to light trespass. So with this bollard, I was confident we were delivering a more desirable finished product.”

Matt Smith, P.E.

Project Manager, Planning & Entitlements, Pulte Homes

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