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Solar Street Light, BFL-S

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The Best Solar Street Lighting Solution

Proven solar technology with tens of thousands of our solar street lights installed in 30 countries worldwide.

Save up to 50% in upfront costs with a simple install that takes minutes, not hours.

Smart, adaptive technology maximizes performance and reliability in all conditions.


Unbeatable support to get the best lighting solution.

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  • Expert lighting advice
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Solar Street Lights

Solar Street Lighting

Powerful and compact solar street lights that are ideal for local and collector streets. Available with a variety of options to meet your lighting needs.

BFL 8' Mast Arm Configuration

BFL 6' Mast Arm Configuration

BFL Area Light Configuration

The Best Lighting Solution

From finding the best solution for your project, to installation and ongoing performance, everything we do is designed to make that as easy and cost-effective as possible.

Every detail of our products, including the BFL solar street light, are designed to minimize hassle and maximize performance. Our team has experience working on thousands of projects in need of high-quality lighting to help you get the best lighting solution.

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Expert Advice

Get expert advice on the best lighting solution for your street.

Our lighting experts can provide guidance for your specific project including a feasibility assessment, lighting layout and cost analysis. Our team also provides ongoing support through ordering, shipping and installation.

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50% Lower Upfront Cost

Make your budget stretch further with up to 50% less upfront cost compared to other solar lighting options.

The self-contained design of the BFL can be installed in a fraction of the time compared to other solar lighting solutions. Fewer pallets to manage, no on-site assembly and no pole drilling reduces hassle and the time required to get high quality lighting.

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Unmatched Reliability

Every night, tens of thousands of our lights are providing excellent lighting performance in environments from the rainy Pacific Northwest to hot and humid Florida coast.

First Light’s innovative Solar Lighting Controller predictably adapts to all conditions to maximize lighting performance and reliability.

Built in a compact, robust form, the BFL can withstand hurricane-force winds while still providing high-quality lighting. Our high-performance lithium batteries have a typical lifespan of 10+ years.

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Light Where You Need It

Get lighting where you need it.

Our team can help you choose the best pole, mast arm, light distribution and lighting profile to effectively light your outdoor spaces.

The BFL provides full cut-off light minimizes light trespass and is Dark Sky approved.

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Need Poles? We Have You Covered

We have a variety of standard, pre-designed aluminum pole options that are made in the USA and are specially designed for the streamlined installation of the BFL Series.

We can help you choose the right height, mast arm length or custom requests. We also have a variety of standard finishes that are corrosion resistant.

If one of our standard options is not the right fit for your project then we can provide what you need whether it be a different material, length, shape or mounting method.

Our Team Is Here To Help

Whether it’s discussing your lighting needs, finding the right light, sourcing poles, a feasibility study, creating a recommended lighting layout or a cost analysis, our lighting experts are ready to assist.

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