Light pollution is a serious threat to many types of wildlife. Each year, artificial light causes disruption of behavior, injury, and death to thousands of migrating birds, sea turtles, and other reptiles, amphibians, mammals, and invertebrates.

First Light Technologies has amber lighting solutions for your wildlife-friendly lighting needs. Our PLB Series and PLB-AC Series bollards are Florida Fish and Wildlife Committee (FWC) certified. We also offer lighting configurations with our luminaires to ensure that they are FWC compliant.

Wildlife Friendly Lighting - PLB Series

3 Requirements of Wildlife Lighting

Wildlife Friendly Lighting - Keep it low

Keep it Low

Mount the fixture as low as possible and use the lowest wattage necessary for the needed purpose.

Keep it Long

Use long wavelength (greater than 560 nm) light sources such as amber LEDs.

Keep it Shielded

Use fixtures that meet or exceed full cutoff that shield lamps or glowing lenses from being directly visible.

Appropriate wildlife lighting meets ALL THREE of the criteria above. For more information on these criteria from the FWC, click here.

Sea Turtle Under Water


The PLB series solar bollard and the PLB-AC series bollards have been approved by the FWC for safe installation near turtle nesting beaches. Baby turtles are safer thanks to the First Light Technologies PLB amber LED and the 180-degree backlight shield that provides necessary lighting for the visual landscape of beachfront properties near marine turtle habitats. The low mounting height options of 14” and 36” ensures minimal effect on sea turtles making the PLB an ideal choice where turtle-friendly lighting is required.


PLB Solar Light Bollard - First Light Technologies

PLB Series Solar Amber Bollards

The self-contained, contemporary design of the PLB series bollard combines with high-quality construction and unequaled solar-powered performance to make it an excellent fit wherever quality lighting is required.

SCL2 - Commercial Pole Light

IPL Series Solar Amber Luminaire

The IPL series post-top luminaire is the most refined, architecturally-relevant solar light on the market. It smartly embraces modern solar power, adaptive control, and LED technologies and is an excellent fit wherever high-quality, full cut-off lighting and minimal visual clutter is required.

SCL Solar Light - First Light Technologies

SCL Series Solar Amber Luminaire

The SCL series integrates its solar power, adaptive control, and LED technologies into a compact and efficient form. Robust construction and unparalleled performance combine to make this luminaire an excellent fit wherever cost-effective, full cutoff lighting is required. 

SCL2 Solar Area Light - First Light Technologies

SCL2 Series Solar Amber Luminaire

Our most powerful self-contained solar LED luminaire to-date, the SCL2 series is capable of delivering excellent lighting performance in a wide range of pedestrian scale and parking lot applications. 

CASE STUDY: Solar Lights Protect Baby Turtles Of Satellite Beach

Allen Potter had a turtle problem. As the Director of Public Works in Satellite Beach, Florida, Allen was working to upgrade the amenities of a local beach access point. Like many communities, Satellite Beach strives to protect the environment and Allen knew that solar lighting in this location would fit well with the city’s mandate. 

First Light Technologies - PLB Aber bollard - turtle lighting

PLB Amber Series Solar Bollard

First Light Technologies - PLB Aber bollard - turtle lighting

SCL2 Amber Series Solar Luminaire

Learn More About Wildlife Lighting

To learn more about the effects of artificial lighting on animals, check out The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

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