BFL Series

Solar LED Street & Parking Lot Light

Why Choose the BFL


The BFL Series is our brightest light to date.

Every detail has been purposefully designed to streamline the customer experience from simple install through to reliable lighting performance.

The self-contained, unobtrusive solar engine integrates its solar power, battery and adaptive control capabilities into a compact and simple form. This, combined with an efficient LED fixture, makes the BFL Series an excellent fit where high-performance, full cutoff and cost effective lighting is required.

The BFL Series incorporates First Light’s innovative Solar Lighting Controller (SLC) which allows it to predicatively adapt to surroundings, providing performance and reliability unavailable in other solar lighting products.


  • Local and collector streets
  • Parking lots
  • Security lighting
  • Plazas
  • Parks
  • Campuses
  • Pedestrian pathways


With the latest solar, LED and lithium battery technology, the BFL Series offers significant advantages:

  • Cost-effective design ships fully assembled and installs in minutes
  • Low installation cost and minimal site impact with no trenching or cabling
  • Wireless control & communication with your light
  • Minimal ongoing costs with no electrical bills
  • Operates entirely independent from the grid and is immune to power outages
  • A sustainable choice without recurring carbon emission

Solar Engine Design Specifications

Solar Engine Dimensions

20.7 inches (527mm) x 40.8 inches (1037mm)

Solar Engine Height

6.1 inches (154 mm)

Solar Engine EPA

3.42 ft² (0.32 m²)

Solar Engine Weight

65 lbs (29.5 kg)


marine-grade, corrosion resistant, aluminum alloy


Architectural grade, durable, TGIC powder coat

Powder Coat Color


Mounts to vertical tenon (2.375 inch diameter)

Fixture Design Specifications


Cobra head

Fixture Dimensions

8.38 inches (213mm) x 22.75 inches (578mm)

Fixture Height

4.4 inches (111 mm)

Fixture Weight

9.4 lbs (4.3 kg) 


0.52 feet2 (0.05m2)


Rugged, corrosion-resistant, aluminum alloy housing for maximum durability with stainless steel fasteners.


Architectural grade, durable, TGIC powder coat

Powder Coat Color

Mounting Options

Mast arm or horizontal tenon

Light Performance

Lumen Output


LED Color Options

Light Type

100,000 hour L70 lifetime LED


Solar Module

  • High-efficiency monocrystalline cells
  • Inconspicuously integrated into the low profile solar engine
  • Used for day/night detection (no photocell required)


  • High-performance lithium (LiFePO4)
  • Exceptional 10+ year lifecycle
  • High temperature tolerance
  • Contained within solar engine housing
  • Designed for easy battery changes


Solar Lighting Controller (SLC)

  • High-efficiency, maximum power point tracking (MPPT)
  • Microcontroller based technology
  • Multiyear data logging
  • Integrated into solar engine housing
  • Designed to adaptively manage lighting performance based on environmental conditions and lighting requirements

Wireless Control App

  • Easy-to-use interface via iOS smartphone app
  • Configure and control lighting profiles
  • Adjust dusk and dawn thresholds

Photometric Diagrams


Our optical system efficiently focuses light where it’s needed. For the BFL, there are a number of standard lighting distributions to optimize performance for applications from local and streets to parks and parking lots.

All of these lighting distributions are full cutoff and dark sky approved.


  • Photometrics based on 25 ft mounting height
  • All light levels in foot candles (fc) with 4000K color temperature and 6190 lumen output
  • To convert to lux multiply light level by 10.7

Type 2S

Type 2M

Type 3S

Type 3M

Type 4

 Type 5

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*Specifications subject to change without notice

Lighting Profiles


A lighting profile controls when a light is on and how bright it is through the night. All profiles are based on when the BFL detects dusk and dawn. The time when a light turns off or dims during the night can be set in two ways – the time elapsed from dusk or before dawn (a duration based lighting profile) or at a specific time according to a clock in the light (real-time based lighting profile).

Real-time lighting profiles allow you to comply with the Model Lighting Ordinance, dimming after curfew, or during periods of low pedestrian conflict.

Lighting profiles are field configurable with app.

Real-Time Based Lighting Profiles

Order Key Code


TM2200B0600 (Default)

On at dusk > dim to 50% at 10:00pm > brighten to 100% at 6:00am > off at dawn (Default)


T=Real-time based lighting profile. X=Choose O for off, L for Low (30%) or M for Medium (50%) or B for Bright. 0000=choose event time between 00:00 and 23:59. Second event optional.

Duration Based Lighting Profiles

Order Key Code



On at dusk > Off at dawn


On at dusk > Off after 6 hours


On at dusk > dim to 30% after 6 hours > Off at dawn


On at dusk > Off after 5 hours > On 1 hour before dawn> Off at dawn


On at dusk > Dim to 30% after 5 hours > Brighten to 100% 1 hour before dawn > Off at dawn


On at dusk > Off after 3 hours


On at dusk > Off after 4 hours


On at dusk > Off after 4 hours > On 1 hour before dawn > Off at dawn


On at dusk > Dim to 30% after 3 hours > Brighten to 100% 1 hour before dawn > Off at dawn


On 30% at dusk > Off at dawn

BFL-S Poles: Reliable and Easy to Install

Pole Options

First Light’s BFL lightweight pole options are designed for quick and easy installation. This includes a tenon on top for the simple and quick mounting of the solar engine and a mast arm for mounting the fixture.

The pole and mast arm are delivered pre-drilled with an additional handhole at the mast arm connection to facilitate easier wiring.

Simple Install

  • No drilling required
  • Custom hand holes for easy access to wires
  • Lightweight aluminium construction
  • Simple mounting with included anchor bolt template


  • Corrosion resistant
  • Wind zone rating 90-180mph
  • Proven performance
  • 15+ year powder coat life expectancy
  • 100% recyclable at end of life

Pole Shape

Round tapered

Pole Height Options

18, 20, 25, 30 feet

Powder Coat Color

Commercial Outdoor Lighting - Solar Street Light

BFL for Street Lighting

The BFL Series is more than the next generation of solar street lighting – it is an uncompromising vision of simplicity and reliability.

With multiple mast arm lengths and lighting distributions, the BFL is a high-performance solar street light that is easy to install.

BFL for Parking Lots & Area Lighting

With all the power and features you need in a compact form, BFL series is more capable, reliable and cost-effective than any solar parking lot light on the market.

Improve safety and security with high-output LEDs and multiple lighting profiles that will light your parking all night and every night.

Commercial Outdoor Lighting - Solar Street Light

Compare Luminaires

Find the one that’s right for you

IPL Series

SCL Series

SCL2 Series


With a contemporary, rectilinear design that incorporates solar power, adaptive control and LED technologies in one self-contained fixture, the IPL provides a simple and better outdoor lighting solution. With solar power negating the need for trenching for electrical wires, the IPL incorporates adaptive technology to adjust to it’s real-world environment to ensure optimal lighting performance all night, every night.

Made from durable, low copper cast aluminum and using high-performance lithium batteries, the IPL is built to last with minimal maintenance.

  • 1250 lumen output
  • Inconspicuous design with minimal visual clutter
  • Smart solar lighting controller
  • Easy and low-cost install


The SCL solar luminaire is a great fit for commercial, recreational, bikeway/pathway and public space lighting. Equipped with our innovative Solar Lighting Controller (SLC), the SCL can learn to adapt to it’s real-world conditions to ensure reliable performance.

Housed in robust copper aluminium fixture with a super durable TGIC powder coat, the SCL brings together the latest in solar technology and uses a high performance lithium battery which has an 8 – 10 year lifecycle.

  • 1250 lumen output
  • Full cut-off lighting
  • Discrete ‘shoe box’ style fixture
  • Multi-year data logging


A shoe box style fixture that represents 8 years of product innovation and can provide wide area lighting. It is a great fit for commercial, parking lot, recreational bikeway/pathway and public space lighting applications.

The self-contained, unobtrusive design builds on the performance of the SCL and integrates motion sensing capabilities and can be controlled through First Light’s wireless iOS app.

  • 3250 lumen output
  • Full cut-off lighting
  • Motion sensor
  • Wireless smartphone app


Ideal for public spaces like parking lots, multi-use trails and more, the BFL-A series provides unequaled lighting performance in a compact form.

Easy to install alongside new or existing infrastructure, the BFL-A provides reliable lighting performance without the disruption and cost of installing wires. With a variety of lighting profiles and distributions available, lighting performance is optimized with minimal light trespass.

  • 5740 – 6210 lumen output
  • Full cut-off lighting
  • Wireless smartphone app

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