Solar Parking Lot Lighting

Overhead Solar Parking Lot Lighting

BFL-S Solar Luminaire

Our most powerful parking lot light with mast arm options.

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SCL2 Solar Luminaire

A high power solar parking lot luminaire that delivers full cut-off lighting.

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IPL Solar Luminaire

The most refined, architecturally relevant solar parking lot light available.

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SCL Solar Luminaire

An unobtrusive shoebox design providing reliable, full cut-off parking lot lighting.

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Solar Parking Lot Bollards

PLB Solar Bollard

Contemporary designed bollard light ideal for parking lot ground illumination.

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WLB Solar Bollard

Louvered designed bollard light ideal for parking lot wayfinding.

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PLB-AC Bollard

Ultra-low energy consumption bollard light ideal for parking lot ground illumination.

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Create Safer Parking Lots With Architectural Solar Lighting

Solar is the most cost-effective solution to light parking lots. Be a leader in sustainability while eliminating the cost and disruption of installing electrical wires. First Light solar lighting products are lighting parking lots around the world with no ongoing electrical costs. 

Simple Install

Easy to install in both new and existing parking lots. Avoid the expense and hassle of connecting to the electrical grid, including trenching and remediation. The time to mount and connect a fixture to a pole or a footing is less than 5 minutes.


Reliable Performance

First Light products incorporate a number of features to ensure reliable lighting performance including being built with robust materials and smart adaptive capabilities. Each light is able to learn about it’s surroundings and adapt so that it’s on all night, every night.

SCL2 Solar Luminaire

Minimal Maintenance

Avoid ongoing electrical costs and our high-performance lithium batteries have a lifecycle of 8 to 10 years. When needed, battery changes are designed to be simple and there is no risk of wire erosion or theft.


Enhance Parking Lot Safety

Give users the light they need to safely navigate parking lots while also providing light levels to help deter crime. 


Compact & Robust

Our self-contained fixtures are robustly built and designed to look just like regular lights. Avoiding large solar panels and housing for batteries reduces visual clutter and the wind loading required, allowing for thinner (and cheaper) poles.

Be a Leader in Sustainability

Eliminate ongoing carbon emissions and your reliance on the grid. Further reduce your impact with less disruptive construction needed for installation. We source components as locally as possible and most materials in our lights are recyclable at end of life.

Solar Parking Lot Lighting in Action

A few examples of parking lots illuminated with First Light Products
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“We’ve taken a flood control project and turned it into a beautiful place.”

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A military base needed a reliable and cost-effective lighting solution.

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Choosing Sustainable Light

The SCL was the perfect fit for a golf club that’s on the PGA tour.

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Solar Lights Protect Baby Turtles of Satellite Beach

A beach access in Florida needed to balance the safety of both people and baby turtles.

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