Derek Doubleday Arboretum, Langley, Canada

Value, No existing wiring

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Parking lot, Area

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British Columbia

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The Derek Doubleday Arboretum offers gardens, green space, and a Rotary Club Interpretive Centre to the Langley, BC community. Botanical enthusiasts can enjoy the willow garden, a rose garden, and a dyers’ garden, which is filled with over 45 plant species that are used to make natural dyes. The Interpretive Centre features Indigenous imagery from local Tsimshian artist Corey W. Moraes. It’s a popular place for folks to walk dogs and neighbors to have a stroll.

To keep the space safe and accessible to the community, our BFL Series solar luminaires were used in the parking lot area. When lighting options were being discussed, the BFL Series offered the most amount of illumination with the fewest fixtures. Only five fixtures were needed to light the entire parking lot. This offered the Town of Langley excellent value for this installment!