Sustainable Lighting For Parks

Overhead Solar Park Lighting

IPL Solar Luminaire

The most refined, architecturally relevant solar pathway light available.

SCL Solar Luminaire

An unobtrusive shoebox design providing reliable, full cut-off pathway lighting.

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SCL2 Solar Luminaire

Our most powerful solar pathway luminaire delivering full cut-off lighting.

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Solar Park Bollards

PLB Solar Bollard

Contemporary designed bollard light ideal for pathway ground illumination.

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WLB Solar Bollard

Louvered designed bollard light ideal for pathway wayfinding.

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PLB-AC Bollard

Ultra-low energy consumption bollard light ideal for pathway ground illumination.

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Make Parks More Accessible with Cost-Effective, Sustainable Park Lighting

 At the center of healthy communities are safe, accessible and well used parks. From dog parks to playgrounds and more, First Light products provide sustainable and cost-effective park lighting​ to increase usability and enhance safety in parks to encourage more active living.

Why Solar Park Lighting


Enhance Park Safety

Park light is a huge contributor to a sense of safety for park users. With a recent study showing that enhanced outdoor lighting can reduce crime by up to 39%, increasing lighting can greatly increase the use of parks.

Cost-Effective Light

While solar allows you to avoid ongoing electrical costs to light your park, the main cost savings is in a much simpler install. Solar park lighting means that you can avoid the cost and disruption of trenching for wires, which usually runs at $25 a foot at minimum.

IPL Series Solar Luminaire

Minimize Green Space Disruption

Solar park lights eliminate the need to trench for wires which reduces installation and remediation costs. It also reduces the disruption of installation for park users and allows for more green space to be preserved.

Maximize Park Sustainability

Solar lights mean that you don’t have to rely on electricity from the grid, saving your community greenhouse gas emissions. We also source the materials for our lights as locally as possible to make them as sustainable as possible.

Increase Accessibility

Providing park lighting can help increase community use of parks. Whether it’s extending the usable hours or creating a better sense of security, parks are more inviting to users with light during the evening and aesthetically appealing fixtures during the day.


Reliable Performance

Shade happens. That’s why all of our solar lights are manufactured with adaptive technology to adjust their light output based on their surroundings so that they are always on when needed.

Built to Last

Our fixtures are made from marine-grade, low copper aluminium with a TCIG powder coat which allow them to last through a variety of challenging conditions. They are powered with a high-performance lithium battery that has an 10+ year expected lifespan.

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