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No wires. No trenching. Less cost.

Lighting Parks, Pathways, Parking Lots & More

With our commercial solar lights installed across the world, we help communities make their public spaces safer, more accessible and sustainable.

Why Commercial Solar Lighting


Extensive experience, robust testing and adaptive capabilities mean First Light products are always on when needed. Learn about our evolved solar technology.


From hurricanes and floods to baseball bats, our lights have withstood numerous tests of their durability and have a life expectancy of 15-20 years.

SCL2 & IPL Solar Series


Self-contained solar lights are simple and cost effective to install compared to both wired and traditional distributed solar lighting solutions.
We are the standard in sustainable outdoor lighting.

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How Solar Lighting is Making a City More Resilient in the Face of Climate Change

With climate change bringing more intense hurricanes to Florida’s shores, the City of Cape Canaveral is striving to be more sustainable and resilient.

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Solar is Lighting a New Community Pathway for 64% Less

Nestled between two mountain preserves with breathtaking views, the development by Pulte Homes includes extensive outdoor amenities.

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The Toughest Solar Lighting

Whether it’s floods or bat-wielding vandals, our outdoor solar bollards are the toughest in the industry. How do we know?

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The Best Lighting for Outdoor Community Spaces

If your community wants to shed new light on dark outdoor areas, replace broken lights or simply create more active and safe

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Solar has immense potential to change the way we light our outdoor spaces.

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Shared Use Pathways Illuminated by Solar

An Arizona city has big plans when it comes to alternative transportation.

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SCL Series Commercial Area Light Sees Major Enhancement

The updated SCL series builds on First Light’s proven track record and incorporates a number of features to improve reliability and performance.

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Solar Streetlights Chosen for Growing City

One city has mandated solar lighting for all new parks, pathways and streets.

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The Most Refined, Architecturally Relevant Solar Light on the Market Just Got Better

IPL fixtures now feature more options and better lighting performance.

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Rail With Trail Project Illuminated by Solar

Transportation corridors are being transformed across the United States.

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How Solar Bollard Lights Give Parks More Flexibility

“We’ve taken a flood control project and turned it into a beautiful place.”

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How Self-Contained Solar Lights Shine on the Darkest Days of the Year

With shorter days (and longer nights), December tests the limits of solar lights.

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