Does Solar Work?

Proven Commercial Lighting Solution

With over 40,000 First Light fixtures installed across the U.S. and around the world, our solar lights are a reliable and proven solution for outdoor pedestrian lighting projects.

We’ve engineered our lights with the most robust materials and adaptive technology to ensure our lights stay on all night, every night.

Ensuring Performance

We test all of the components of our lights to ensure they deliver the performance expected. We have ongoing tests in controlled environments for our batteries, solar modules and more to gauge their ability to withstand extreme conditions long term. This is in addition to real world environmental testing and follow up with our customers so see how our lights are performing in the field.

This all informs our ongoing product development and improvement so that we can continue to deliver everbetter performance and reliability. This explains how our lights have been able to withstand trials from baseball bats to hurricanes.

What Our Customers Say

“First Light Solar luminaires are simple to install, taking less than 15 minutes per fixture. They are built to last and saved Harris County over $250,000 versus trenching and wiring. When Hurricane Harvey hit and this park was literally underwater, the lights still shone bright. It’s a pleasure working with First Light.

Electrical Contractor
Spark Lighting, Houston, Texas

“We will be looking at other areas to utilize the bollards. The community loves the ambiance of the softly lit pathways. So I foresee more of these being installed in the near future. Thanks again for all of your help! You have provided excellent customer service and that means as much as the production of a fantastic product.”

CIP Construction Manager
City of St. Pete Beach, Florida

“We chose the PLB series bollard because of the high quality construction, lighting performance and ease of installation. An added benefit was the responsive customer service from the First Light team. We plan on using more First Light products in the future on existing running trails.”

Project Manager
U.S. Army Base, Garrison, Louisiana

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