Dog Park Lighting – The Baron Von Willard Memorial Park is the only dog park in San Clemente, California where dogs are allowed off-leash. Named after the city’s first K9 police officer, the park has two fenced areas for dogs to play along with a few amenities for people.


However, the park was never provisioned for light and was forced to close at sunset every night.  Being in an area bordered by canyons, a golf course and a camp, there was no ambient light and rattle snakes and coyotes posed a real risk to users. This greatly reduced the accessibility of the park, especially in the winter months when days are shorter. 

Solar Dog Park Lighting - First Light Technologies

Dog park lighting – First Light IPL area light in San Clemente dog park.


Solar Dog Park Light Donation

With no electrical connection, adding light with a series of wired light fixtures would have required a connection to the grid to be built and trenches dug for wires. Fortunately, a nearby business, and First Light partner, had a solution. Describing themselves as a “dog-friendly office,” South Coast Lighting donated 4 IPL architectural solar area lights to help with the dog park lighting and extend the hours the park and improve safety.


By installing solar are lights, there was no longer a need for a costly electrical connection. The self-contained fixture also reduces visual clutter during the day and minimizes wind loading requirements. The marine-grade aluminum construction reduces the risk of damage requiring maintenance.


The city’s park planner told the Orange County Register that lighting was a welcome addition to the park.


“It’s something that the public has been requesting for some time – good for dogs and dog lovers alike,” he said.

Solar Dog Park Lighting - First Light Technologies

First Light IPL solar area light.

Reliable and Sustainable Dog Park Light

The IPL solar luminaire provides full cut-off light over a wide area. To optimize performance, it also incorporates self-learning capabilities based on real-world conditions.


Being solar powered means that light is provided with no ongoing greenhouse emissions and it is immune to power outages.

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