There are many amazing reasons to use outdoor solar lighting. The easy installation, the cost savings both on energy used and lack of trenching, the sustainability. But another reason to consider solar lighting for your project is the fact that it can be installed in more places than traditional wired lighting. They simply need to be installed with access to the sun and are ready to light up the night.

Let us take you through some examples of our unique installations and how solar lighting is able to overcome difficult terrain and locations.

Marine Installations

Water and electricity don’t mix well. That’s why there’s no comparison between solar and wired lights when it comes to being near, and specifically on, the water. Self-contained solar lights are completely independent from any power source and need no wires or cables to supply electricity.

Dock lighting can help keep boaters safe at night. A way-finding solar bollard is perfect, as it provides a beacon to the dock without casting any tricky shadows. These lights can simply be bolted to an existing pier, wharf, or dock, making them a breeze to add wherever needed.

Flood Resistant

While this isn’t something we can guarantee, customers have reported instances where their FLT solar lights were completely submerged due to flooding but still kept running! Check out these photos and quotes from areas that experienced serious flooding:

Barron River, Australia. During and after flooding, 2012.

“I checked the lights out on the walkway last night. All 4 lights were found to be in full working order. This is remarkable considering what they went through and the fact that some were submerged for quite a while.”
– Department of Transport and Main Roads

Gene Green Park, Houston, TX. During and after Hurricane Harvey, 2017

“When Hurricane Harvey hit and this park was literally underwater, the lights still shone bright.”

You won’t see this claim in our brochure, but the real world results speak for themselves.

One With Nature

Keeping a more natural aesthetic is important for some spaces. When solar lighting is completely self-contained, there are more options available for where to install your light! For example, at the Sheraton Kauai Resort in Hawaii, our SCL2 Series solar lights were installed on the sides on palm trees lining the parking lot. Costs were saved by not needing any poles installed, and there aren’t any unsightly wires connecting the light to the grid.

In fact, Hawaii has been at the forefront of using outdoor solar lighting due to its lack of impact of the environment. Any areas that are ecologically sensitive can still be lit due to the non-invasive installation, including wildlife sanctuaries and turtle beaches.

Got a unique or challenging lighting install?

Let’s see if solar can be the solution.