Outdoor lighting is something that’s easily overlooked when we consider the equitability of a neighborhood or space. Most people, especially those in urban cities or areas, expect lighting to be automatic and available when it gets dark. But a lack of night time illumination can have a noticeable effect on a community.

Safety and Security

A well-lit outdoor area is important for a person’s physical safety. It can prevent trips, falls and accidents around uneven ground or obstacles. It helps to navigate stairs and other infrastructure. It makes pedestrians and cyclists visible to traffic. It can prevent break-ins and assaults.

Efficient nighttime lighting also affects feeling safe mentally. Recent statistics show that 49% of women reported feeling unsafe while walking alone after nightfall. By ensuring streets, parking lots and parks are lit after dark, we can relieve some of that stress of traveling in the dark for people.

Sense of Community

The dark night can lead to feelings of isolation for many. Solar lighting at night can give more opportunities for safe traveling to community spaces or gatherings, or allow these events to happen in outdoor spaces.

Seeing your neighbors outside in your community builds a sense of belonging and connectivity. These social interactions make us feel seen, safe and help our mental well-being.

Equitable use of space

Low-income and poverty-stricken neighborhoods are often not a priority for new infrastructure. This leads to feelings of lack of safety in these areas. Solar fixtures are a great fit for all neighborhoods, as they have only an initial cost, are quick and easy to install, and require virtually no maintenance.

In areas where much of the community does shift work, outdoor lighting allows people to still use their local parks and amenities after daylight ends. Something as simple as a solar light in a park can allow parents time to play with their children or offer safety while walking home from a grocery store.

Does your community need a little light?

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