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We help communities and organizations create better and safer public spaces through cost-effective and sustainable commercial solar lighting solutions.

Depending on your commercial outdoor lighting requirements, we’re always happy to help you find the right light and even create a lighting design tailored to your project.

Customer Success Stories for Commercial Outdoor Lighting

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Our adaptable, commercial solar lighting products are used for a wide range of pedestrian scale projects

Adaptable Lights for Diverse Conditions

Whatever your commercial solar lighting project, you need the right light and it needs to work.

That’s why we offer the same adaptable technology in both low mounting bollards and pole mounted luminaires. This technology adapts to the conditions the light is experiencing to ensure reliable performance.

Bollard and Luminaire Options

First Light manufactures both bollard and luminaire products to be able to meet your lighting needs.

Our solar bollards provide downlight for ground illumination or omni-directional light that is ideal for lighting pathways, delineating larger pedestrian plazas and way-finding.

Our line of luminaires are designed for providing more wider area lighting and are great for increasing security, especially in places where electrical grid connections would be costly.

When First Light Solar Makes the Most Sense

First Light’s solar products are particularly ideal for spaces where:

  • There is at least 2-3 hours of direct (south facing, middle of the day) sunlight per day on average (cloudy days are fine!)
  • There is no current electrical wiring and the cost to install electrical wires would be high.

Our lights are self-contained, which means that the solar panel, battery and everything else is housed in the fixture itself. This makes installation and maintenance much easier compared to wired lights and other solar options while reducing visual clutter. At the end of the day, our solar powered lights simply look like normal lights, but are easier to install.

Effective, Safer Spaces

Our lights have helped hundreds of communities and organizations looking for more cost effective commercial solar lighting​ solutions. At the same time, we’ve provided simple options to reduce their carbon footprint and make their community spaces safer and more accessible to promote public health and recreation.