Tender Care Medical Services – Spring Hill, FL

Existing Infrastructure, Easy Install

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Parking lot

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Spring Hill

Tender Care Medical Services is a Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care certified care facility. Their team of pediatric professionals provide day care for children with medical complexities and help them with development.

The Tender Care facilities are a 4 acre property with around 150 parking spots for all of the staff. The parking lots were completely unlit. Digging trenches to install traditional wired lights wasn’t any option with the existing infrastructure. That’s where FLT came in.

24 BFL Series solar lights were chosen to light the lots and make sure the staff was safe. One of the biggest benefits was the fact that installation was so simple and didn’t require any special equipment.

“The lights are performing excellent. Exactly as we wanted. What makes them even better is the ease of installation. We put 12 poles in the ground with solar panels and lights on them in 2 days. It doesn’t get any better than that.”
President, Tender Care Medical Services