Solar Lighting F.A.Q.

Answers to your solar lighting questions

If I have access to cheap electricity rates, does solar lighting still provide value?


While solar lights generate their own power, it’s prime value is a much lower install cost. For a wired solution, the minimum cost of trenching for wires and a connection to the electrical grid is $25 a foot. This per foot cost can quickly increase depending on the terrain.

Why solar lighting?


Our solar lighting is the simplest and most cost effective way to light outdoor spaces.

We offer a range of high-quality solar lighting products that provide reliable lighting for multi-use pathways, parks, parking lots, collector streets, local streets and more.

Municipalities, corporations, government agencies and more around the world choose First Light products first because:

  1. Our team provides exceptional service and is here every step of the way to help you get the best lighting solution.
  2. Our lights are made from the most robust materials to ensure longevity and ongoing performance.
  3. Our overhead lights and bollards offer easy specification and installation which reduces hassle and costs
  4. Our lights incorporate smart technology to optimize performance and reliability in all conditions

Many of our customers have told us that our lights are a “no brainer”, and we agree.

How tall can I mount the luminaires?


The best height for mounted lights depends on your lighting goals, the area to be illuminated and the luminaire being used.

Typical pole mounting heights are:

  • 12-16 feet for pedestrian scale applications such as multi-use pathways
  • 18-25 feet for parking lot and area lighting applications
  • Up to 30 feet for local and collector streets

Contact our lighting team at 1-844-279-8754 or email us for a free design consultation for your project.

What is the typical spacing for your lights?



This varies by project. Generally, we recommend spacing luminaries at a distance approximately 5 to 6 times the mounting height. For example, luminaires mounted on a 16 foot pole would be spaced 80 to 96 feet apart.

Do you provide IES files?


Yes, here are IES files by product for download:

  • BFL-S
  • SCL2
  • SCL
  • IPL
  • PLB
  • PLB-AC
  • WLB


Can you help me determine what lights I need?



Absolutely! We’re always happy to talk about what light would be most suitable for your project. Call us at 1 844 279-8754 or email us.

What distribution should I choose?


View our indepth blog post on lighting distributions here.

Our lights have 4 common distribution options. Type 2 and 3 distributions are ideal for applications like multi-use pathways, sidewalks, local streets and collector streets. Type 4 and 5 distributions are commonly used in wider area applications like parking lots, plazas or parks.

solar type 2 light distribution