What’s the best way to illuminate outdoor community spaces? You’ll be surprised.

If your community wants to shed new light on dark outdoor areas, replace broken lights or simply create more active and safe neighborhoods, you’re probably looking at a dizzying array of lighting choices. 

It may surprise you that First Light’s commercial solar lighting offers advantages that simply can’t be beat.

Not your average home improvement store garden light

These aren’t the sort of lights you see at big box stores – the ones that cast terrible, weak light, go dark a few hours after sunset and generally break within a season.

First Light manufactures the highest quality solar lights with a typical life expectancy of 20 years or more. And with First Light driving the potential of the technology behind solar lighting, the lighting performance is unmatched ensuring outdoor spaces are well lit all night, every night. 

Our outdoor solar lights are trusted to reliably illuminate pathways, parking lots and outdoor spaces for clients like NASA, Atlantis Resort Bahamas, the U.S. Army as well as hundreds of municipalities and homeowner communities across the United States. 

They cast powerful, effective light that make them indistinguishable from conventional wired lights. They’re built as tough (or tougher) than other lights and they’re ridiculously reliable. In fact, over 21,000 of them are making spaces safer and more usable in over 30 countries worldwide.

But what advantages do First Light solar lights offer?

More cost-effective than conventional lights

The misperception about solar lighting (like any innovative technology) is that it costs more than the conventional status quo. 

But for communities, that just isn’t true. 

In fact, in many communities across the United States, First Light solar outdoor lighting installations came with savings of OVER 50% compared to conventional wired lights.

How is this possible? After all, our bollard lights cost roughly the same as a quality conventional light.

The dramatic price differential comes down to the cost of installation and maintenance. Installing conventional lights requires trenching for wires, connecting to the grid, applying for permits and working with electricians. 

With First Light, however, all you need to do is to pour a foundation for the bollard or luminaire, bolt it down and connect the self-contained battery. The light automatically turns itself on at night, and charges in the daytime. 

Want a specific cost comparison? Click the image below to download our cost comparison info-graphic.

Perfect for established communities 

For new communities, solar light offers no ongoing electrical costs in addition to a simpler, more cost effective installation. 

In established communities, this advantage is ever greater because there is no need to jackhammer existing sidewalks, dig under roads, pull up bushes and grass and destroy landscaping in order to lay conduit and wires. If you cut an irrigation or gas line in the process, the headaches multiply. 

That’s why more communities are using First Light solar lights. There’s minimal disruption, and installation can be done in a matter of minutes. Don’t believe us? Check out this video where our founder installs one of our pathway bollards in under 7 minutes – at a leisurely pace!


One of the biggest hurdles for solar lighting is the old ‘we’ll try it when it’s more established’ cliche. 

The truth is, our solar lighting IS established. 

Our clients don’t come to us because they’re looking for disruptive new technology. They’re careful, budget conscious and interested in reliable, attractive lighting. Period. 

Want to meet one of our typical clients? This video introduces you to Gerry, a community board member who was looking for a smart solution for his community. He chose First Light solar outdoor lights – and five years later, his board and neighbors are still extremely pleased with the choice.

Are we right for your community?

We think so, but there’s only one way to find out. 

Click the link below and find an easy to fill out contact form and we’ll call you within one business day. We will work with you to map out optimal lighting locations, light choices and budgets. It’s part of our service. 

Then, if you do decide on First Light solar, we’ll work with your installers to ensure the process is smooth and disruption-free. 

In fact, you might find the biggest surprise is that there are no surprises.

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