Here at First Light, we’ve been pushing the limits of commercial solar lighting since 2009. We’re on a mission to make our solar lights the go-to option for outdoor lighting and are constantly pushing our product designs and technology forward to deliver better performance.


That’s why we’re excited to announce a completely redesigned optic for the PLB series solar LED bollard. While the PLB has always done a great job illuminating pathways, we took the opportunity to substantially improve it through our all new, custom optic.


The results are easy to see and the lighting distribution of the PLB series has been elevated to a level that is exceptional for a solar bollard and that few wired bollards can match.


Setting the New Standard for Solar Bollard Lighting

With our custom-designed optic, lighting performance is significantly improved. This means the PLB series now provides:

  • Better light uniformity. Light is far more evenly distributed on the ground.


Commercial Solar Bollards

PLB with ASM light distribution and 4500K color temperature (left) and newly improved PLB ASM light distribution with 4000K light temperature (right)


  • Greater forward throw. The PLB can now effectively light 50% wider pathways.
  • Greater throw down pathways. With light reaching 50% further down pathways, fewer solar bollards are required per project, which significantly reduced costs.
  • Full cut-off light. This eliminates uplight, glare and minimizes backlight to avoid light trespass while being Dark Sky compliant.
  • More light. Light output has increased by 23%.


In addition to better lighting performance, the already tough PLB offers a more robust design to combat vandalism and the elements.  This includes the ability to withstand flooding.


All these improvements have been added to the PLB with no increase in cost.  


Solar Bollards: Best Choice for Lighting Pathways

Thousands of the PLB series solar bollards have been used in hundreds of projects across North America for a diverse range of customers from Sheraton Hotels to the Kennedy Space Center to the City of Laguna Beach and many more.


This improvement in lighting performance and the simplicity of installation makes the PLB even more ideal for providing effective illumination for pathways or other pedestrian scale applications. There’s never been a better time to look at how the PLB series bollard can help make your next project faster, less complex and less expensive.


Our solar lighting bollards require no electrical design, no electrical permitting, no trenching, minimal site remediation, no utility bills and no future costs to replace aging wires.


The PLB solar bollard also offers unparalleled reliability with smart, adaptive technology optimizing performance under all conditions.


Solar lighting bollard

PLB with ASM light distribution and 4000K light temperature.


Our Commitment to our Customers

We are always looking for opportunities to provide better and simpler solar lighting for our customers.  This was our motivation for improving the PLB as well as our recent re-imagining of our SCL solar area light, our improvements to the IPL architectural solar light and the introduction of real-time based lighting profiles.


Solar-powered bollards are ideal for lighting outdoor pedestrian spaces. Whether it’s pathwaysparks or parking lots, solar LED bollards enhance safety, assist with way-finding and add structure to large public areas to make them more accessible at night.

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