The IPL solar LED architectural area light has been popular since its launch in 2014. It offers all the benefits of solar lighting like lower install costs, no wires and no ongoing carbon emissions. However, being a contemporary self-contained design allows it to avoid the usual visual clutter of traditional solar fixtures.

While the IPL series is lighting pathways, parks, parking lots and more around the world, we are always pushing to improve with new technology available and our experience in the field.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that our IPL fixtures will now incorporate a number of features that will give our customers more options while providing even better lighting performance. Some new features include more lighting profile options, the addition of motion sensing capabilities, wireless app control and more. These are all now included with the IPL series at no extra cost.

These improvements are in addition to other incremental improvements we’ve made to the IPL architectural area light over the years like improving our adaptive capabilities and switching from traditional lead acid batteries to lithium which offer much longer lifespans and better performance.


More Architectural Area Light Options

The new features in the IPL are part of our company-wide drive to be continually improving how we deliver better, simpler solar lighting.


More Lighting Profile Options

The more you can focus on providing light when users actually need it, the more you can eliminate waste, reduce light pollution and, ultimately, provide users more light.

This is why the IPL architectural area light now offers 10 duration-based lighting profiles. Depending on the actual use of the space you are looking to illuminate, you can choose the profile that most closely matches when light is needed. You can also opt for a real-time based lighting profile that will turn the IPL on at dusk and then off or dim at an exact time of your choosing. This is ideal for meeting local lighting ordinances.


Motion Sensing

For people using outdoor spaces outside of peak times, built-in motion sensor capabilities can turn the light back on to full brightness for a period of time you determine.


Wireless Control

While all IPL architectural area lights come with your lighting profile set and motion sensing capabilities turned on by default, you can now easily change these settings at any time with First Light’s free iOS light control app. You can also retrieve data logs to see how the light has been performing through the night.


More Light

Combined with our adaptive capabilities that optimize light performance based on real-world conditions, the improvements to the IPL solar area light have contributed to an increase of 5% to 8% in light output on average. Customers can now expect the IPL to have a lumen output between 860 and 1075 depending on conditions and their location.

This is in addition to our unmatched reliability with our adaptive capabilities. This means lights shine as bright as possible based on the conditions that the light finds itself in while also ensuring they don’t fail when conditions are less than ideal for solar.


Same Elegant Architectural Area Light Design, More Performance and Flexibility

The IPL area light remains the most architecturally relevant solar light on the market. With these enhancements, we are excited to continue to be able to help our customers provide reliable and cost-effect light for parks, pathways, parking lots and other outdoor spaces. This improves community safety while making these spaces more accessible than would otherwise be possible.


For more on the capabilities of the IPL, including success stories, click here.

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