Solar Bollard Lights

Commercial Grade Solar Bollards For Light All Night, Every Night

PLB Solar Bollard Lights

  • 239-370 lumen output.
  • Downward cutoff light for impactful ground illumination.
  • Marine grade, low copper aluminum construction.

WLB Way-Finding Solar Bollard Lights

  • 86-130 lumen output.
  • Omni-directional light with low glare and frosted lens for way-finding and excellent vertical illumination.
  • Marine grade, low copper aluminum construction.

Create Better and Safer Outdoor Spaces With Solar Bollard Lights

Solar-powered bollards are ideal for lighting outdoor pedestrian spaces. Whether it’s pathways, parks or parking lots, solar LED bollards enhance safety, assist with way-finding and add structure to large public areas to make them more accessible at night. The low mounting height and architectural design of First Light’s bollards allow for effective lighting while having an appealing daytime appearance.

Opting for solar power allows you:

  • to simplify your site electrical design
  • avoid trenching and remediation for wires
  • eliminate ongoing electrical costs
  • to be immune from power outages
Parking lot lighting provided with First Light's SCL2 solar luminaire
Parking lot lit with First Light's SCL2 solar powered luminaire
Golf club parking lot with First Light's SCL solar luminaire
Parking lot with First Light's WLB solar powered bollard

Why Solar Bollard Lights Are Better Than Wired

Cost Savings

Save up to 50% on install costs or more by avoiding both the need for electrical design and bypassing the requirement of trenching for wires. With a typical cost of $25 a foot to dig trenches for wires, varying soil conditions can quickly escalate this cost.

In addition, First Light solar bollards enjoy no ongoing electrical costs and require minimal maintenance. Constructed with super-durable marine grade aluminum, First Light bollards also use a lithium battery with a lifespan of 10+ years.


Lower Your Environmental Impact

With no need for trenching, or electricity from the grid, solar bollards allow communities to reduce their carbon footprint.  We utilize a local sourcing approach to further reduce the environmental impact of our manufacturing and to support the local economies that have made us successful.  Our bollards are designed for easy recycling at end of life so that the vast majority of materials will be re-used.

In fact, our solar bollards are the most sustainable way of adding bollard lighting for any application.


From floods to hurricanes to baseball bats, First Light bollards are made with low copper aluminum to withstand the harshest conditions.  We also use architectural grade, super-durable powder coatings for added durability.

Our solar modules offer high resistance to vandals and the environment using and encapsulated approach that far exceeds the durability of typical solar modules.


Smart Technology for Reliable Performance

Unlike other solar bollards, all First Light solar products are built with an intelligent, self-learning solar lighting controller that allows the light to predict & adapt to its surroundings and ensure optimal lighting performance and reliability under all environmental conditions.

“What if I already have electrical wiring in place?”

Check out our PLB-AC ultra low consumption bollard! For projects where the electrical wiring is in place and older bollards need replacing we offer an award winning, wired version of our PLB series.

The PLB-AC is available in two light distributions and it can provide up to 950 lumens of full-cutoff lighting for pathways, parks or parking lot applications! The PLB-AC is ideal for retrofit projects or egress lighting projects. More Info

Our Solar Bollard Light Success Stories:

A few examples of First Light solar and ultra low consumption bollards in action!
The Toughest Solar Lighting

The Toughest Solar Lighting

Whether it’s floods or bat-wielding vandals, our outdoor solar bollards are the toughest in the industry. How do we know?