We’ve been talking to some contractors across the country. In most cases, they’re seeing significant increases in the costs associated with trenching and wiring for AC lighting. Inflation, labor shortages, and supply chain issues all factor into these higher trenching costs – typically ranging between $30 and over $100 per linear foot!

“All in, the First Light installation was less than one-third the price we would have spent on wired lighting.”

Let’s revisit the time and money-saving advantages of choosing solar lighting and why our products are the simplest, most cost-effective outdoor lighting solution.

Let’s Compare

Trenching for wired lighting complicates a project by driving up costs and extending the length of the project. With solar lighting, the return on investment is typically immediate, thanks to the simplified installation process when compared to traditional wired lighting.

The chart below highlights some of the immediate advantages of installing solar lighting.

How We Lit a New Community Pathway For 66% Less

“Using solar bollards meant we only had to hammer the individual locations that could not be conventionally dug for footings. The First Light product is bolted to a relatively shallow concrete foundation, so they are much easier to install.”

Why We’re Better

Our lights are delivered ready to install right out of the box. With minimal tools and no experience required, they install in as little as 3 minutes. No on-site assembly, minimal equipment, and no experience required means you can complete your project quicker while spending less. No outdoor lighting is easier to install.

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