For Homeowner Associations, using solar lighting can significantly enhance community safety and accessibility while remaining cost-effective. Quality lighting promotes resident activity, fosters a heightened sense of security, and increases property values. Whether you’re replacing aging fixtures, lighting areas that were previously dark or just making a more environmentally friendly switch, choosing solar outdoor lighting is a smart move.

Here are some reasons why we’re seeing an increase in the number of residents, HOA board members, and contractors opting for solar lighting in their HOA.

Cost Savings

Commercial solar lighting offers a cost-effective alternative to wired lighting with no wiring, electrical permitting, ongoing energy costs, or scheduled maintenance. The simplified installation also saves your HOA money. Our self-contained solar lights provide reliable illumination, and the typical cost is approximately 50% less than wired lighting, with some projects saving up to 66%!

Enhanced Safety

A well-lit community is a safer community. Outdoor lighting gives residents a feeling of security and safety, especially at night. A huge benefit of solar is not being affected by power outages, so your outdoor lights remain on all night.

Theft and vandalism are less likely to occur in neighborhoods with proper lighting. Accidents and injuries are also prevented when stairs, uneven ground and other potential hazards are lit.

Easy Installation

When illuminating areas not initially designed for lighting, traditional wired lights need a connection to the grid and electrical wiring installation, which involves permitting, design, and on-site disruptions like trenching. In HOA settings, conventional wired lights are more challenging to install than solar commercial lights, especially if existing infrastructure exists, such as sidewalks, roads, gas lines, and irrigation systems.

With solar lighting, no trenching is needed. Our self-contained lights only require a concrete base for the pole or bollard. Labor costs are minimized, as our solar bollards can be installed in less than 2 minutes.

Environmentally Friendly

Solar lighting empowers your community to eliminate ongoing carbon emissions from lighting. The simple installation eliminates the need for materials like wiring, conduit, and trenching equipment, reducing waste and emissions. First Light’s fixtures are manufactured from locally sourced materials, minimizing supply chain emissions. Moreover, these fixtures are nearly entirely recyclable at the end of their serviceable life.

Solar lighting also benefits nature, including preventing disruptions to the life cycles of nocturnal wildlife, migratory birds, and marine life for HOAs close to the beach!

Reliability and Durability

Solar lighting remains operational during power outages and incorporates smart technology to optimize performance under varying conditions, such as inclement weather, ensuring that the lights stay on, even when submerged in water – a feat traditional wired lights cannot match.

Designed to withstand the elements and physical stress, our solar lights are tough enough to provide continuous illumination. We’ve tested them, and they’ve stood up to Canadian winters, Australian summers, baseball bats, and golf clubs.

Solar lighting is a straightforward, reliable, cost-effective solution for any HOA community. Numerous HOAs across the US have already benefited from improved accessibility and safety in their common areas by switching to solar. If you have areas needing lighting, contact us today for a customized assessment and recommendations for your project.

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