Solar Bollard Improvements

Victoria, BC –  First Light Technologies has announced improvements to its PLB solar bollard that set a new performance standard for solar bollards. Central to this improvement is a completely redesigned optic that optimizes light control.


Solar Bollard

PLB solar bollards with ASM light distribution (left) and PLB solar bollards with improved ASM distribution (right).


“We saw an opportunity to significantly improve upon what’s possible for solar light bollards,” said First Light CEO Sean Bourquin. “Our custom-designed optic adds to the PLB’s ability to provide great and reliable lighting along pathways without the need for electrical design, trenching for wires or ongoing electrical costs. This allows municipalities and organizations to provide great lighting to public spaces very cost effectively.”

The full cut-off design more efficiently directs light to illuminate more of a pathway in front of a bollard while eliminating uplight, glare and minimizing backlight. Lumen output has been increased by 23% while the light uniformity has seen an incredible 540% improvement.

This improvement comes as the PLB is already a popular choice for a variety of outdoor applications because of its performance, reliability and significantly lower installation costs. This is why more municipalities and organizations across the country are choosing self-contained solar lighting.

About the PLB Series Bollard

The self-contained, contemporary design of the PLB series bollard combines with high quality construction and unequaled solar powered performance to make it an excellent fit wherever quality lighting is required.

The PLB series incorporates First Light’s Solar Lighting Controller (SLC) that allows the light to predictively adapt to its surroundings, providing a level of lighting performance and reliability unmatched in other solar products. This bollard is especially ideal for a variety of architectural and commercial pathway applications.

Delivering Continuous Improvement

First Light has been pushing the limits of commercial solar lighting since 2009. Our mission is to make our solar lights the go-to option for outdoor lighting and are constantly pushing our product designs and technology forward to deliver better performance.

This was the motivation behind improving the PLB as well as our recent re-imagining of our SCL solar area light, our improvements to the IPL architectural solar light and the introduction of real-time based lighting profiles.

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About First Light Technologies

First Light Technologies designs and manufactures commercial grade, self-contained solar lights. The company is dedicated to pushing the potential of sustainable, pedestrian-scale solar lighting by constantly striving for better and simpler solutions. Founded in 2009, First Light has over 19,000 luminaires and bollards installed in more than 30 countries.

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