The United States Air Force Academy is located on a beautiful campus near Colorado Springs, Colorado. When a traffic circle outside the commandant’s office was being upgraded, it was decided that the new installation would include lighting to better illuminate the traffic flow for vehicles.  Any lighting solution also needed to compliment the aesthetic of the new installation.

When it was time to decide on the lighting solution for the project, the academy’s in-house architect opted for First Light’s WLB solar bollard.

Why First Light

There were a number of reasons why First Light bollards were the top choice for this project.

Design – The louvered bollards were available in silver which complemented the design of the new installation well.

Ease of Install – Opting for solar meant that the installation could avoid the need to connect to the grid which would have required a trench through the road for electrical wires to the site.

Reliable Performance – Unlike other solar lighting solutions, all of First Light’s solar products come with adaptive technology so that lights can still perform despite variability found at the site or in weather conditions.

At this site, there is a building immediately to the east which limits the amount of direct sunlight the bollards are exposed to during the day. The adaptive capabilities of the bollards mean that the site conditions, and any adverse weather, are taken into account when the light is determining the optimal light output.

This means lights will come on despite adverse conditions. Once conditions improve and the lights get more direct sunlight, their output will increase again.

Good Performance

Being right outside the Commandant’s office, it was vital that the bollards work well. That’s why we have the most efficient solar modules and adaptable technology to ensure reliability. When we checked in some time after the installation of the bollards, feedback on performance was overwhelmingly positive.


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