Solar Park Lighting

The City of Beaumont, California opened Nicklaus Park in the Fairways community in 2016. This previously undeveloped piece of land had no electrical connection for lighting and building one for the sprawling park would have been costly for the municipality. Solar park lighting from First Light Technologies was able to solve the park’s lighting needs and save the municipality thousands of dollars when compared to traditional wired lighting.

Why First Light Park Lighting

The city installed First Light luminaries to provide solar park lighting along pathways, in the parking lot and in select areas of the park. The reasons they opted for First Light included:

Cost Effective: Solar lighting allows the city to save substantially on install costs because they don’t have to build a connection to the electrical grid and they don’t have to trench wires to each light. The cost for digging a trench and remediation of the ground afterwards is often $25 or more per foot depending on the soil conditions.

In addition to a much cheaper install, there is no scheduled maintenance needed and no ongoing electrical costs.

Solar Park Lighting - First Light Technologies - SCL Solar Luminaire

Reliable Performance: Both the SCL and SCL2 incorporate adaptive technology that optimizes performance based on the real-world conditions that the solar park lights are in. This ensure lights are always on when needed.

Sustainable: Having sustainable park lighting for Nicklaus park aligns with Beaumont’s overall sustainability plan to reduce the city’s carbon footprint.

Solar Park Lighting at night - First Light Technologies - SCL Solar Luminaire

A Sustainable Future With Solar Park Lighting

With the excellent performance of First Light products, the City of Beaumont is considering solar park lighting for other city projects in the future.

You can take advantage of the same simple installation, reliable performance, and no scheduled maintenance of solar lighting. Imagine what it can do for your project.

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