WLB Solar Series – El Paso, Texas.

 With tens of thousands of our solar lights installed, we’re everywhere people are. Still, a recent surprise cameo in a major motion picture left an unexpected reminder of how vast our install base is.

Due to the large geographical spread of our installation base, we benefit from photos sent to us by our incredible clients allowing us to see our lights in action. Still, a keen eye can catch a glimpse of our solar lights in unexpected situations.

A First Light staff member and his family were watching the new Liam Neeson action thriller “Memory” when he noticed some First Light WLB Series solar bollards lining a traffic circle as the stars drove through it.

Memory. Directed by Martin Campbell, performances by Liam Neeson and Guy Pearce, Open Road Films, 2022.

A quick Google search of this movie’s filming locations allowed us to narrow in on the installation location to El Paso, Texas, specifically, this installation.

WLB Solar Series – El Paso, Texas

This traffic circle project in El Paso had a tight budget and timeline, and laying wiring for AC lighting would have taken too long and cost too much. The WLB solar lights were a great solution as they were installed quickly and avoided thousands of dollars.

Our resident internet sleuth was able to pinpoint a few objects like trees, signs, and the traffic circle itself to match up the lights with the install images to pinpoint the exact location of the movie’s shot.

It’s easy to ask, “what are the odds?” but when you’re growing as fast as we are, these happenstances will become more common. This movie cameo joins the increasing number of our solar lights spotted in the wild.

Keep an Eye Out!

If you spot one of our lights when you’re out and about, see them in a movie’s background, or someone’s photo, snap a picture or screenshot and let us know at