Pathway System and Solar Luminaires

Solar Luminaires – Siegfried and Roy Park is a beautiful 20 acre park just north of Las Vegas International Airport. Completed in 2016 by the Clark County Department of Aviation, it was the final phase of the airport’s terminal 3 expansion.

Siegfried And Roy Park aerial view

Envisioned to serve both local residents and visitors, the county was able to transition the area from a series of decommissioned houses to a park and pathway system complete with playground equipment, picnic structures, bocce courts and more. Looking to provide a safe atmosphere 24 hours a day, there was also a push to integrate a sustainable yet reliable lighting solution.

Finding the Right Solar Luminaires

The design consultants for the project – Kimley-Horn – ended up choosing First Light’s IPL Series solar luminaires as the product that could meet the demands and reliability standards of an international airport.

SCL2 solar luminaire at Siegfried and Roy Park


First Lights’ IPL series solar luminaire outperformed other lighting products in three distinct ways:

  • The robustness of materials used in design that ensures product longevity
  • The lithium ion battery ensures peak performance, even in Nevada’s extreme summer temperatures
  • The self-learning technology provides consistently high-output light all night, every night

SCL2 Solar luminaires - Siegfried and Roy Park


The Install

Clark County installed 73 of First Light’s IPL series solar luminaires. Considering the light output from a typical luminaire, this saves an estimated 16,000 kWh annually. There are also a lot of potential savings in install costs as solar lighting removes the requirement for trenching for electrical wires which also lowers remediation costs.

Through the installation of First Light’s luminaires, Clark County and McCarran International Airport are able to provide year-round, reliable lighting to a park in the middle of an international and local hub.


For a more on Siegfried and Roy Park, watch the grand opening video. 

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