Victoria, BC – First Light Technologies has launched a high-performing, high light output solar LED street light, the BFL Series. Built with award-winning solar lighting technology, the BFL provides powerful lighting performance in a form that is 40% smaller than other solar street light solutions. The design applies First Light’s extensive expertise in developing high-performance, self-contained solar power bollards and luminaires.

“The BFL Series solar LED street light represents a much better way to light local and collector streets, parking lots and more,” said First Light Technologies CEO Sean Bourquin. “It’s an opportunity to provide high quality lighting for up to 40% less upfront cost compared to traditional wired solutions.This is in addition to ongoing cost savings and zero ongoing carbon emissions.”

BFL 8 Foot Mast Arm

Better, Simpler Solar Lighting

Like all First Light’s solar lights, the BFL Series incorporates smart technology that automatically configures a light to a location without the need for site specific modelling. Lights therefore maximize performance and reliability in all conditions.

The self-contained solar engine integrates its solar power, battery and adaptive control capabilities into a compact form that requires no on-site assembly, specialized equipment or multiple crews. This greatly simplifies and speeds installation which significantly lowers costs. The high-efficiency LED fixture delivers high quality, full cut-off light where it’s needed and is Dark Sky approved.

Every detail of the BFL Series has been refined to simplify the customer experience from specification through to installation and ongoing performance. The First Light team provides responsive support through the whole process including expert advice, lighting layouts and cost analysis to ensure customers receive the best solution.

The BFL Solar LED Street Light Offers Simplicity

The BFL Series is the latest development in First Light Technologies’ mission to make solar the first choice for outdoor commercial lighting. Solar lighting greatly reduces complexity, time to install and costs while producing high quality light.

About First Light Technologies

First Light Technologies designs and manufactures commercial grade solar powered lights. The company is dedicated to driving the potential of sustainable, reliable solar lighting by constantly delivering better and simpler solutions. Founded in 2009, the company has over tens of thousands of solar powered luminaires and bollards installed in more than 30 countries.

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