Victoria, BC – Today, we are excited to introduce an Extra Warm White (XW) LED color as a standard option to our entire award-winning product lineup. This new LED color offers more choice and flexibility for our customers and joins the lighting industry’s movement towards warmer colors.

Why Extra Warm White?

Extra Warm White LEDs at 2700K create an inviting and visually pleasant lighting environment where warmer tones are preferred.

Advances in LED technology have significantly improved performance where we can use warmer colors with minimal reduction to lumen output – giving our customers the best of both worlds. Previously, warmer colored LEDs required a level of compromise as these color temperatures impacted performance.

Warmer color temperatures also reduce the amount of blue light being introduced to the environment, limiting unnecessary glare, visual discomfort or negative impacts to our circadian rhythm.

Warming Trends

Many municipalities are moving to a warmer color temperature as they improve visual comfort for residents. There are numerous examples of city retrofits gone wrong using high-intensity, cool LED lighting.

Lighting Design
Lighting designers love the inviting ambiance warmer color temperatures create and utilize them to create a distinct mood or highlight different colors around the landscape.

Light Pollution
The International DarkSky Association (IDA) is the recognized authority on light pollution and is the leading organization combating light pollution worldwide. The IDA recommends that when possible, color temperatures should be no more than 3000K, and many municipalities and organizations are following suit. Lower color temperatures reduce the impact on human health, wildlife, and light pollution.

Are you interested to learn more or adding extra warm white outdoor lighting to your project?

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