For Homeowner Associations, solar lighting can cost-effectively make your community safer and more accessible

There is definitely room for improvement when it comes to HOA lighting. From areas that have never been spec’d for lighting (but now need light) to existing lights that are broken or run down, you need reliable, high-quality illumination that is also cost-effective. 

Good lighting will not only help residents become more active, it also increases a sense of safety and helps raise property values.

Now the tough question: what’s the smart choice? Solar or  traditional wired solutions.

Here are seven reasons why more and more residents, HOA board members and contractors are choosing commercial solar for their HOA lighting.


#1 – Easy to build around existing infrastructure

If you want to use conventional wired lights to illuminate an area not currently set up for lighting, you’ll have to connect to the grid AND run electrical wires – and that requires permitting, design and extensive site disruption like trenching.

“In HOA settings, conventional wired lights cost more, and are more difficult to install than solar commercial lights.”

Long story short: wired lights add a lot of complexity and, consequently, cost. This is especially true when there’s already existing infrastructure in place like sidewalks, roads, gas lines and irrigation systems.

What’s more, after all this effort and disruption to the community, remediation can take a significant amount of time and resources.

#2 – Easy to install

With no wires or electrical permits to worry about, self-contained solar lights only need to be mounted on a pole or, for bollards, onto a concrete base. Installation takes minutes for each fixture, which minimizes labor costs. 

Don’t believe it? Check out this video with First Light CEO Sean Bourquin, where he demonstrates the actual steps involved in installing a solar bollard (spoiler alert: it’s a very short video!).


#3 – The green choice

Solar lighting enables your community to eliminate ongoing carbon emissions from lighting. Furthermore, solar eliminates the need for materials like wiring and conduit, in addition to trenching equipment, further saving waste and emissions. 

Another fun green fact about First Light’s fixtures: they are made from materials sourced as locally as possible to our factory in the Pacific Northwest, reducing supply chain emissions. First Light fixtures are also almost entirely recyclable at the end of their serviceable life.


#4 – Safer

Faulty wiring in lights is dangerous. In fact, there are numerous homeowner community instances where residents and their pets have sustained electrical shocks because of bad or broken wiring.

“Unlike wired outdoor lights, commercial solar lights work reliably – even standing in a foot of floodwater!”

Solar lighting eliminates this risk. First Light fixtures use very low voltages and lithium batteries that incorporate a number of safety features including overcharge protection, short circuit protection, over-discharge protection, high temperature disconnect and cell balancing.

#5 – Improved reliability

With solar, community lighting is unaffected by power outages. For reliability during variable conditions like inclement weather, First Light fixtures incorporate unique smart technology to optimize performance and ensure lights stay on – even if they are in a foot of water. That’s something no wired light can give you.


#6 – Durability

Hammers, hurricanes and hockey sticks – our lights are tough enough to make sure you have light all night, every night.

Don’t believe us? Watch this video of us beating one of our lights with a baseball bat!


#7 – 50% Less Cost

With no wires, no electrical permitting, simpler installation, no ongoing energy costs and no scheduled maintenance, commercial solar lighting is a cost-effective way to provide new lighting to common areas, and to replace existing lighting where wiring is worn, broken or damaged. 

Here’s the surprising part: typically, commercial-quality, self-contained solar lighting provides reliable light AND costs about 50% less compared to wired lighting.

If you want proof to show your HOA Board, download our free infographic to compare costs between wired lighting and solar.

Simple. Reliable. Cost-Effective.

Solar lighting is ideal for communities where wired lighting options are cost-prohibitive or too disruptive. We’ve helped hundreds of communities across the US to make their common areas more accessible and safer. 

Have an area in need of lighting? Contact us today to get a customized assessment for your project and recommendation on what will work best!