Victoria, BC – First Light Technologies has announced the introduction of real-time based lighting profiles to its SCL2 solar powered luminaire. This feature will allow lights to be programmed to dim or turn off at a certain time during the night. This differs from traditional solar light profiles that are based on the time elapsed from dusk or before dawn. However, as dusk and dawn change through the year, this can cause the time that a light turns off, dims or turns on to vary.

“This is a feature that our customers have been asking for,” said CEO Sean Bourquin. “They wanted the ability to meet time based lighting ordinances or turn off after a facility had closed. This functionality gives our customers the option to have their lights turn off at an exact time every night.”

This feature combines with built-in motion sensoring to turn the lights back on to full brightness for users in an area outside of peak times. Both real-time lighting profiles and motion sensing features are included in every light for no additional cost.

Pushing the Potential of Solar Lighting

The launch of real-time based lighting comes as First Light is developing a number of enhancements to its core technology as part of its push to continuously improve the performance and simplicity of its solar lighting products. These enhancements are based on direct feedback from customers and a robust testing program.

The company has a number of other new features slated for the coming months.

About First Light Technologies

First Light Technologies designs and manufactures commercial grade, self-contained solar lights. The company is dedicated to pushing the potential of sustainable, pedestrian-scale solar lighting by constantly striving for better and simpler solutions. Founded in 2009, the company has over 16,000 luminaires and bollards installed in more than 30 countries.

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