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San Francisco

The Presidio is a cherished landmark located in California’s San Francisco Bay Area. It was once one of the longest-garrisoned military posts in America and the oldest in the American West. The Presidio has had many transformations over the years, including:

  • Spanish Imperial Outpost (1776 to 1821)
  • Mexican Frontier (1822 to 1846)
  • U.S. Army Post (1847 to 1994)
  • Military Post to Park (1994-present)

Today, it is a designated National Park featuring the iconic Golden Gate Bridge as a backdrop. The Presidio is an important archeological site as the Indigenous Peoples of America called this region home for thousands of years before European settlers arrived. As important archaeological investigations continue in the Presidio today, adding parking lot lighting without disturbing the grounds is very important.

The SCL2 Series Solar Luminaires now illuminate the parking area at the Presidio, offering high-quality lighting, and were installed with minimal impact to the grounds.