Marvin, NC

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Parking Lot

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North Carolina

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The Marvin Town Center in Marvin, North Carolina, offers many convenient businesses and is a popular destination for local residents. Looking to improve safety and accessibility for its visitors, the center looked to add lighting to areas of the plaza where wiring would be costly and complicated.

“Install was a piece of cake from pouring concrete with the anchor bolts and then standing them up. I’ve had no issues. Very simple versus a wired solution. The weight allows them to be easily installed. Compared to the others I’ve used, these are more simple.” – Raley Miller Properties

The IPL and PLB Series solar lights were easy to install and added safety to the plaza’s previously unused dark areas.

“Now, when I go out there, this area looks to be much safer and more attractive. Before I put a light up, nobody was parking there because it was dark and didn’t seem safe.” – Raley Miller Properties

The reliable performance from the IPL and PLB Series lights will make sure visitors to the Marvin Town Center will benefit from the increased safety and accessibility during business hours after dark.

“I’ve been really pleased, they perform as advertised. I’m a big fan of the product. PLB is lightweight and easy to install. I watched the video of you smashing them and not doing any damage. We have kids that sit on them and all kinds of stuff and have not had any issues. In terms of durability, I can’t identify any weaknesses. I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with support and sales.” – Raley Miller Properties