Intel Campus

Creating a safe, well-lit campus environment for Intel Arizona with proper outdoor lighting. 



Intel Arizona is located on an established, beautifully landscaped campus. There was just one problem: there was never any provision for outdoor lighting on the sidewalk surrounding the campus, and no lighting at the two entrances to the main building. As a result, employees felt unsafe at night, and the beautiful campus went ‘dark’ after hours.  

The Solution

After considering all the options, Intel chose First Light PLB Bollards for their outdoor lighting. Here’s why.

Outdoor Lighting With No Disruption

The Intel team knew running wires for lighting wasn’t feasible. They would’ve had to break up sidewalks and disrupt irrigation lines and landscaping. In fact, virtually every project involving an established, built environment is the same: installing wired lights means digging trenches, laying conduit, running wires, building junction boxes and working with the utility company to get the installation approved and the power switched on. It’s a process that takes months, creates massive irritation and requires big budgets – bigger if irrigation, gas or power lines are accidentally cut in the process.


To install our solar lights, all Intel needed to do was, well, install our solar lights. No wiring, electricians, digging or disruptions. And considering each bollard typically takes under 5 minutes to install, the job was done in days, not months.


Better Value

All too often, companies, communities or municipalities pricing out outdoor lighting just compare the costs of conventional lights vs solar lights. An equation that grossly misrepresents the actual costs involved. 

This infographic outlines the actual costs of running a typical 500 foot path using solar vs. conventional lights. The cost-savings of solar are staggering.

In fact, our budget for Intel’s project was 50% less than comparable wired lighting budgets. 

What’s more, there were no ongoing utility costs post-installation, saving Intel approximately $1450 US per year.

Built for the Desert

Early-model solar lights were powered by lead batteries which didn’t last in the punishing desert heat. But First Light outdoor solar lights use purpose built, lithium batteries which have been tested and proven to last over 8 years in the desert environment.  

Forward Thinking

Intel is a tech company with innovation in its DNA. Installing conventional wired lights would not have reflected their brand. First Light’s solar bollards are not only sleek, but generate light in a far more sustainable, forward-thinking way.


What’s more, our lights are built for durability. The solar collector is built into the dome of the bollard and all elements are safely housed inside the light ‘head.’ The bollards are vandal-resistant – in fact, we documented them withstanding hammers, cigarette butts and hockey sticks.  




First Light’s solar bollards have been providing reliable lighting along Intel’s campus pathways since 2015 and we continue to receive positive feedback.

Let’s talk about your project

If you need to light the outdoor areas of a built environment – an established community, professional campus, municipality, or educational facility – First Light Technologies has a solution that works.