More communities are switching to our solar outdoor lighting

Great For Any Application

Big areas, walkways, gazebos, even mailboxes – we can light any application you need.

Why go solar?

Minimize disruption

No wires, no trenching and no electrical permits required. Lights can be installed by anyone in minutes.


Fast install, no ongoing maintenance and no ongoing electrical bills make solar light on your budget.


Create safer and more active communities with reliable lighting that’s immune to power outages.

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Some of our amazing customers

How we helped Gerry and his HOA improve their community.

“From the residents point of view, they now have the lighting that was missing before. When they get out of a cab at night they now have the proper lighting to find their way without stepping in the bushes or mud.”

– Gerry Hirter,
HOA Board Member, Ocean Grove

Here’s one of the main reasons HOAs are making the switch.

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Our story

For Sean and Justin, our Co-founders, creating ridiculously good, reliable outdoor solar lighting for communities is part of a bigger mission.

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