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SCL2 Series Bollard

Building on the success of the SCL, the SCL2 Series is a higher output luminaire intended for larger commercial, public space and parking lot lighting applications.  The self-contained, unobtrusive design integrates its solar power, adaptive control and LED technologies into a compact and efficient form. With robust construction, and unequalled performance the SCL2 series is an excellent fit wherever cost effective, full cutoff lighting is required.

Utilizing solar power and LEDs, the SCL2 series is completely self-contained and offers significant benefits:

  • Cost effective design ships fully assembled and installs in minutes

  • Low installation cost and minimal site impact with no trenching, cabling or wiring

  • Minimal ongoing costs with no electrical bills or bulbs to change

  • Operates entirely independent from the grid and is immune to power outages

  • A sustainable choice without recurring carbon emissions

All of our solar powered lights are enabled by our innovative Solar Lighting Controller (SLC). The SLC in each light is “self-learning” and allows the lights to predictively adapt to their surroundings, providing a level of lighting performance and reliability unavailable in other solar lighting products.

SCL2 Series - Spec Sheeet
SCL2 Poles - Spec Sheeet
SCL2 Series Bollard
PHOTOMETRICS    (IES files available on request)
SCL2 Photometrics - Type 2 SCL2 Photometrics - Type 3
SCL2 Photometrics - Type 4 SCL2 Photometrics - Type 5
Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) LED Lighting Facts
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