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Q. Where can I learn all about solar lighting?
First Light Technologies has created an online, professionally accredited course that you can take free of charge. The course is called "New Generation Solar Lighting Solutions" and it provides an overview of the factors that require consideration when specifying an outdoor solar lighting system. Also discussed are the components, features, and benefits of the newest generation of off-grid, self-contained solar lighting that offers a cost-effective solution for an expanding number of applications.
Q. Why choose solar powered lighting?
There are times when a solar lighting solution works best. Typically, these installations have the following characteristics:
  1. The installation is separated or difficult to connect to the electrical grid.
  2. The installation location gets a minimum of 2 hours of direct sunlight per day.
  3. The lighting design specifications are for IES recommended requirements (e.g. 0.5 to 1.0 foot candle average illuminance).
Our solar powered lighting products offer the following benefits:
  • Low installed costs and minimal site impacts with no trenching, cabling or wiring
  • Self-contained design ensures that the lights are easy to install
  • Minimal ongoing costs with no electricity bills or bulbs to change
  • Immunity from power outages
  • Visibly green statement with no ongoing carbon emissions
Read these brief case studies that highlight just a few of the scenarios where solar lighting makes for a great solution.

Case Study #1 - Edna Maguire School project

Case Study #2 – El Mirage park enhancement

Case Study #3 – Lights improve pathway in Central Alberta
Q. If I have access to cheap electricity rates, does solar lighting still provide value?
While solar lighting generates its own power, it’s prime value is not based on its power savings; it’s prime value is derived from its low installation cost as it doesn’t require access to the power grid. With wired products, the need to trench & cable a connection to the power grid will cost an absolute minimum of $25 per foot, and often much more.
Q. Why choose grid powered (wired) lighting?
There are times when a grid powered lighting solution works best. Typically, these installations have the following characteristics:
  1. The installation site has ready and/or inexpensive access to the electrical grid (e.g. retrofits)
  2. The installation site requires high illuminance levels (e.g. egress lighting)
Our wired PLB-AC products offer the following benefits:
  • Best in class efficacy* and ultra-low power consumption
  • Asymmetrical and symmetrical light distributions
  • Full cutoff optical performance
  • Maintenance free with no bulbs or ballasts to change
  • Robust vandal resistant design
*US Department of Energy, LED Lighting Facts program.
Q. Can a dimmer be installed on a PLB-AC?

The PLB-AC does not come equipped with a dimmer, but the lights driver will support an after market electronic low voltage (ELV) dimmer, also known as a trailing edge or reverse phase dimmer.

Q. The sunlight at my site is highly variable, how do I know if your solar lights will operate effectively?
All of our solar powered lights are enabled by our innovative Solar Lighting Controller (SLC). The SLC in each light is “self-learning” and allows the lights to predictively adapt to their surroundings, providing a level of lighting performance and reliability unavailable in other solar lighting products. A brief conversation will quickly determine if the conditions for our SLC will provide you with the lighting levels you require.  Please call us at 1-844-279-8754 for more information.

Q. When do your lights turn on / off?

Our lights turn on / off automatically based on one of five factory set lighting profiles, as follows:

·         Lights on at dusk, off at dawn

·         Lights on at dusk, off after 6 hours

·          Lights on at dusk, dim to 30% after 6 hours till dawn

·         Lights on at dusk, off after 5 hours, on 1 hour before dawn

·         Lights on at dusk, dim to 30% after 5 hours, on 1 hour before dawn

Custom lighting profiles can also be created, please call us to discuss your needs at 1-844-279-8754.

Q. How long will your fixtures last?
Our fixture’s estimated useful life is 15 – 20 years.
Q. How long will the light’s battery last?
Our high performance lithium batteries useful life is typically 8 – 10 years.
Q. How long will your battery operate without the ability to re-charge?
Unlike most solar lights, our products learn and adapt to its environment and therefore have the ability to predict and set the appropriate reserve levels to maintain good operation in adverse conditions.  Under worst case scenarios, the battery’s “autonomy” - its ability to operate without a re-charge - would be approximately 14 days. 
Q. What is the typical spacing for your lights?

Our recommended product spacing varies by project, but the following is considered typical:

·    Luminaires are typically installed at a spacing approx. 6 times the height of the luminaire. Eg. luminaires mounted on a 15 foot pole would utilize an approx. 90 foot spacing.

·    Bollards are typically spaced between 15 – 50 feet.

Q. What is the lumen output of your lights?
Lumen output varies by product. Please download the individual product Spec Sheet from the relevant web page.
Q. Are your lights vandal resistant?
Yes, our lights are designed and constructed to resist damage from vandalism. Please refer to our photo gallery for a video demonstration of our products robust quality.
Q. Where are your lights manufactured?
Our lights are designed and manufactured in our Canadian facility utilizing a local sourcing strategy.
Q. Do you have a quick ship program?
Yes, you can find details here. Please call us at 1-844-279-8754 to discuss your specific needs.
Q. Are your lights challenging to install?

Our lights are very easy to install as compared with other solar lights and especially compared to wired lights. Here’s why that is:

·         Our solar lights don’t require a connection to the electrical grid, so there is no need for trenching, cabling or wiring.

·         Our lights are self-contained (solar panel and light are integrated), so there is no assembly required, and there is no need to run wires through the mounting pole between the solar panel and the light.

·         Quite simply, our lights are designed to be installed by lay people without the aid of an electrician or other technical trades. However, we advise that you consult with your local authorities to determine the legal qualifications for installation in your jurisdiction. 

Q. Do I need an electrician to install your lights?

Our lights are designed to be installed by lay people, however we advise that you consult with your local authorities to determine the necessary qualifications for installation. 

Q. What do you recommend as a mounting platform for your lights?
Typically mounted on concrete footings or ground screws, our lights are very easy to install. 
Q. Does First Light have fixtures installed in my area that I can site visit?
Yes, we have hundreds of installations across Canada and the USA. Please contact us at 1-844-279-8754 and we will be happy to direct you to the installation closest to you.
Q. How much do your lights cost?

Your cost will depend on a variety of factors specific to your project; please provide us with a brief synopsis of your project and we will respond with the details you require.

Q. Do your products qualify for government rebates?
Yes, our lights qualify for a number of high-value government rebates. Please call us at 1-844-279-8754 for more information.
Q. Where can I buy your lights?

We have a worldwide network of distributors and agents that provide local representation for First Light Technologies. Please call us at 1-844-279-8754 and we can connect you with a lighting expert in your area.

Q. What kind of applications work best for your lights?

Ideal Applications include:

·         Pathway lighting

·        Parking lot

·         Bikeway lighting

·         Multi-use trail lighting

·         Municipal park lighting

·         Campus lighting

·         Egress lighting

·         Landscape lighting

·         Commercial area lighting

·         Public area lighting

·         Transit lighting

·         HOA lighting

·         Security lighting

Q. Do your products qualify for LEED credits?

Our products may contribute to the achievement of the following LEED credits:

·         SS Credit 8: Light Pollution Reduction  

·         EA Credit 1: Optimize Energy Performance

·         EA Credit 2 On-Site Renewable Energy

·         MR Credit 4: Recycled Content

Q. How do I dispose of the light's lithium battery at the end of its life?

Although lithium-ion batteries are non-toxic, it's still important to recycle them appropriately. Recycling centers that accept lithium-ion batteries are common and easy to find in the United States and Canada. These centers typically disassemble the batteries in a manner that completely prevents any harm to the environment. Once disassembled, the individual parts and materials are then recycled and reassembled into new materials.  Contact your local recycling center for more information. 

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